Monday, 14 October 2013

Light as a tool for excavation: Creation through the act of removal

Interference. Light. Shape. Shadow. Window. Photograph. Line.

A unique human map

A uniquely human object in it's pointlessness.  
Creation for the sake of creativity. 
A map of the movement of a human hand according to predetermined and recorded patterns. 

What will I do with you next?

A multitude of legs...

Spreading their industry across the world...

The initial inspiration for this shape came from a visit to the Albert Hall, for a special screening of Singing in the Rain accompanied by a live orchestra. There is one scene which stood out for me as a singular, incongruous shot in contrast to the rest of the film. A line of disembodied legs, adorned with high heels dancing the Can Can, lit up against a glittering lime green background. 

'A Map of the Open Country of a Woman's Heart'. Map created by D. W. Kellogg circa 1833-1842