Monday, 24 August 2015

The Future: Past and Present

Past. Present. Future.

Present. Future. Past.

Future. Past. Present

Past + Future = Present

Without acknowledgement of the past the present could not exist.

Without an idea of the future the present could not exist.

The present is a collective idea of the past in a particular moment which projects an image of the future in its wake.

Our current idea is of a Utopian past; blind to the irony of the notion of 'Oh what a lovely war'; preoccupied with kantian notions of the sublime; desperate to return to 'nature'. This desperation is epitomised by the craze of 'the festival'; a retreat into nature serenaded by music, surrounded by craft, sleeping under the stars and drinking ambrosia. Yet these weekend escapes are underlined by capitalist ideals; people are sold the dream; mobile phone charging units are available at £5 an hour and people queue, slavish to their consumerist command for contact with 'the outside world'- the very world they purchased an expensive ticket to escape.