Passing Through Non-Place

Photographs of Journeys, capturing movement, characterised by light...

From Cornwall to London

First images taken through train window. A serendipitous moment. A meeting of natural and artificial light

From Herefordshire to Watford

From Menton to Nice, France

From Worcester to London

Photographs shot through a train window, playing with different exposures

Archetypes of non-place

Translating the Photographic Space 

Laying down the ink, based on colours in the photograph

Reductive linocut with monoprint

Removing the white border

Paper Sculpture - digital print on scanned and enlarged relief printed surface with acrylic painted lines/ patterns - how to bring these surfaces to life...

Relief and monoprint with chine colle (digital print on tissue paper) and screen print

Not enough of a relationship between forms...

Using the same process but employing the white space. Taking forms to the edge of the page

Plan for 'Passing Through Non-Place'

Combining digital and relief. Playing with horizontality and white space...

Digital mock-up
I wanted to experiment creating my own photopolymer positives, to get to grips with the process. It was a freeing process, not spending so much money left me freer to experiment. The images were oddly faded but I still liked the results. Especially when combined with the autographic - here a sugarlift on steel plate. This is something I want to explore muc more!

Direct to media print on alumnium - amazing texture and luminosity!

Took them back in to the photography studio and overlaid them
Employing the same techniques with tracing paper

Plan for final 4 colour photopolymer image

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