Saturday, 27 February 2016

Laser Cut Experiments

Trying to create a reflective space through print using the printing plate, the print itself and a corresponding laser cut image. How do these three elements work together?

The luminescent red evokes a sense of light/time/space, reminiscent of the dark room. Draws attention to the photographic but also the biased nature of the lens (circle format), image reduced to its pixels, exposed...

Lasercut Experiments

I began to use laser cut in Parliament Island Variation #1

I removed aspects of human interference within the printed landscape mainly where pathways and people occurred. As the image had been manipulated and repeated, the shapes too created a pattern across the landscape. I laser cut corresponding shapes in wood to use for a relief print behind the screen printed image, to show these manmade occurrences as excavations. 


I experimented with these shapes further to create a varied edition of relief prints. Exploring pattern, directing 'white space', creating pathways, constructing space...



Relief print of lasercut perspex shapes