Saturday, 1 April 2017

GlassGround Project

Info taken from GlassGround website describing project: 

GlassGround is the name given to a rural installation that encompasses a vast glasshouse and its surrounding landscape. The work enables the research of the experience of perception within the context of a contemporary fine art practice. The project encourages a discovery of physical, sensory and imaginary relationships between nature and the man-made structures which hasten the visceral immediacy of this topography. In this terrain, exploratory actions shape an exploratory journey etched by scenic views, sublime viewpoints and an often fleeting engagement with fellow travellers. The ground below carries traces of the land's recent and more distant upheavals. And, all around, umpteen reflections in glass and in water parachute images of the exterior land and sky to the space within. Like a giant mechanism for measurement, the glasshouse's shapes, shadows, lines and forms extend or retract, dappling the ground as light rises and falls. Images of the mobile observer's own body mingles with these tempora unfoldings, merging and coalescing with them, drawing experiences ever nearer to the sensory processes which invite them in.

Marco Cadiolis.
Abstract Journeys

 Reminds me of Edward Burtynsky photographs

Pivot Irrigation Suburb, South of Yuma, Arizona, USA, 2011, E. Burtynsky
Squares with Concentric Circles, Marco Cadiolis