Saturday, 18 February 2017

Relief, Mono Print, Drypoint, Digital and Screen Printed Experiments

Inked up lino plate with masked off areas and chance ink drips over the top.

Relief mono-print with digital print chine colle'd and then screen printed.

Trying to create a sense of both the photographic and original space with relief blends.Playing with ways of incorporating and suggesting the photographic/ how light falls on a surface.

Work for 'Print in space: space in print' exhibition at Chelsea College of Arts. Feedback was that it evoked movement, tapped into 'the commute' something that the majority of people can relate to. That 'nothing' 'in-between' space of travel: Non-Place.
Relief blend on fabriano paper, with digital print on tissue paper, chine colle'd between relief shapes.

Drypoint test over relief print on somerset paper. Soaked for 20 minutes and printed well. Next step: try on larger scale

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